Concrete Flooring – An Ideal Flooring Option for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Concrete flooring has made a major comeback and is a preferred choice of many, nowadays. In addition to beautifying homes, concrete floors are an impressive flooring option for industrial and commercial spaces as well. A few key reasons why industrial and commercial spaces prefer concrete flooring are mentioned below:

Concrete Floors are Durable

There is no doubt that polished concrete floors are highly durable, strong and long-lasting. They can withstand intense pressure in comparison to other flooring alternatives. With a lower lifetime cost, concrete floors can last for years if maintained properly.

Restaurants, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and outdoor entertainment spaces have heavy machines and equipment that can damage flooring. Industrial and commercial spaces like these; are usually high traffic areas and floor durability can greatly benefit them.

Concrete Floors Enhance the Overall Ambiance

Hotels, restaurants and huge retail stores aim to impress their customers at first glance. Beautiful and decorative flooring can greatly enhance the ambiance of a place. An appealing and striking visual appearance will automatically attract customers.

Concrete flooring is a low-cost alternative to vinyl tile, carpet and wooden flooring. It is highly customizable and can be made to fit the look of the place. Moreover, polished concrete floors can add a touch of sophistication and magnificence to the space and communicate elegance and style. Polished floors can also brighten up and illuminate a space as they reflect light extensively.

Concrete Floors are Stain and Slip Resistant

High-traffic areas are more prone to stains, especially in commercial and industrial spaces. Places like meat packing factories, bakeries and restaurants tend to have a greater amount of spills. Superior quality concrete floors will resist spills and stains and will be easier to clean, reducing the maintenance cost of the flooring substantially.

Furthermore, concrete floors are ideal for places like hospitals and restaurants that require a sterile and sanitary environment and use harsh cleaning chemicals to clean their floors. Concrete is strong and is resistant to harsh chemicals.

In addition to that, concrete flooring is also slip resistant. This will reduce the amount of accidents and injuries to customers and staff in high traffic commercial spaces like restaurants and retail outlets.

Concrete Floors Reduce Energy Bills

Concrete has a unique “thermal mass” property. This means that concrete is capable of slowly absorbing, storing and then releasing heat or coolness to its surroundings. This property can be used by commercial spaces to moderate their indoor temperatures.

Energy bills can be greatly reduced with concrete floors as they can reduce the load on air conditioners and heaters. With exposed concrete flooring, you can now turn down the settings on your cooling or heating system and save money on your energy bills.

Concrete flooring is an ideal alternative to other flooring options. The benefits of concrete flooring are numerous and will allow you to save money and enhance the visual appeal of your commercial or industrial space as well. They are a sustainable and eco-friendly flooring option that will last you for years after installation. So, make an economical and environment-friendly choice by choosing concrete floor for commercial space.

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Simple and Useful Tips to Maintain Your Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete flooring is quite popular these days. Not only is it visually pleasing, it is also low in maintenance and will last for years if dealt with care. Being highly durable and sustainable makes it a desirable choice for spaces like schools, hospitals, industrial sites and other high traffic areas.

However, the sheen and luster of the floor will not stay for long if proper care is not taken. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain polished floors so that their natural shine lasts longer. The good news is that polished concrete is easier and less costly to maintain. Here are a few useful tips to help you keep your polished concrete floor glistening and sparkling for a long time.

Avoid Saw Cut Patterns

Saw cut patterns look very appealing and have been a popular trend since ages. However, they are not favorable for polished concrete. This is because the cuts on the surface of the concrete tend to trap dust within the spaces and make the floor dull. So, when you plan to get polished concrete flooring for your space, opt for designs that do not have saw cut patterns in them, especially if the space is a high-traffic area.

Regularly Mop the Floor

Make sure to mop your polished concrete floor on a daily basis. Dust is abrasive and may ruin the shine and clarity of the floor. An untreated microfiber pad is highly recommended for mopping polished concrete as it keeps dust particles off the surface. If you cannot find a mop, a broom with soft bristles will work just as well.

Moreover, if the floor is wet mopped, ensure that the mop and the water are clean. To clean large spaces, use an automatic floor scrubber with a non-abrasive pad attached to it for effective cleaning.

It is highly recommended to use a neutral floor cleaner when you wet mop the floor. Simply mopping the floor with water will leave dust on the surface and affect the gleam of the floor and might discolor it as well. The floor cleaner will suspend dust particles and will remove them easily.

Bear in mind to never use floor cleaners that are acidic or contain ingredients like vinegar, citrus, ammonia, pine-sol or bleach. Such cleaners will rip away your floor’s luster.

Clean Spills Immediately

In case of spills or stains, try cleaning them instantly. Do not give them time to absorb into the surface of the concrete. A spill that stays on the surface for long will create a stain that will be harder to remove. Therefore, it is advised to clean up the spill as soon as possible to avoid unsightly stains on your polished concrete floor.

Use Floor Mats

Floors with heavy traffic tend to lose their shine and fade more quickly. Use floor mats in high traffic areas to protect the sheen of your polished flooring so that it stays the same for longer. Mats will also protect the floor against wear and tear and reduce the need for constant maintenance.

Follow these useful and simple maintenance tips to keep your polished floor shimmering for years.

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Polished Concrete Flooring – Why Is It Better Than The Others?

polished-conrete-floor1.2Flooring options have evolved over time, and today, many people prefer to beautify their space with terrazzo or decorative tiles. Concrete, although a practical and more viable flooring choice; has never been given much preference due to its unappealing appearance but the advent of polished concrete is rapidly changing the views of homeowners looking for affordable yet beautiful flooring solutions.

Polished concrete flooring offers all the benefits of concrete along with adorning the space. Today, homes, retail outlets, educational and medical facilities as well industrial sites; all prefer polished concrete flooring due to the competitive edge it offers over other flooring alternatives. Here are some reasons why polished concrete is the flooring of choice for people nowadays and how it is more beneficial than other flooring options:


Polished concrete flooring is quite economical. The cost of maintenance is also low which makes it an ideal flooring option for high-traffic places like schools, hospitals and supermarkets. Polished concrete floors can be cleaned easily and quickly. They do not require coatings or messy waxes, saving valuable time and money. With minimal downtime required in the polishing process, the floor can be used immediately after the polishing is completed.


Being tough and resilient to pressure and high traffic, polished concrete is ideal for warehouses and industrial sites. Concrete can also withstand the strain of heavy machinery like forklifts, trucks and stacked crates. This flooring can resist tire and scuff marks as well and only needs a refinish every 5 -10 years. In fact, a well-maintained polished concrete floor is expected to last more than a hundred years.

Reflective and Ambient Lighting

Polished concrete has high reflectivity. A place with polished concrete will not need excessive artificial lighting as the floor is reflective enough to brighten the room. This can greatly reduce the energy bill, and make the place look bright and well-lit at the same time. This is why restaurants, hotels and office buildings often prefer polished concrete as it gives the area a bright and professional look.

Aesthetic Appeal

Other than being durable and economical, polished concrete floors also offer an aesthetic appeal to the space. These floors have a stunning shine and are immensely beautiful. They add a touch of classic elegance to the space. Glossy and lustrous floors can enhance the attractiveness of places like hotels and restaurants, as well as making museums and libraries look more magnificent. Floor imperfections like cracks, can be preserved with the polish and can add a historic touch to the site.

Slip Resistant

Unlike other shiny and lustrous floors, polished concrete is not slippery. Whether dry or wet, this flooring meets and exceeds ADA and OSHA standards of slip resistance. This makes it a favorable flooring option when compared to tile and waxed floors.

Environment Friendly

Polished concrete floors do not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), making them an environmentally friendly floor surface. Coatings such as urethane, waxes and epoxies are also not required for concrete polished floors, which makes them sustainable and nature-friendly.

Unlike other flooring options, polished concrete floors are economical, durable, sustainable and environment-friendly, offering numerous benefits in a single package. This makes this flooring solution, a favorable and more desired option over many other flooring alternatives.

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