Commercial Concrete Flooring

Over years of commercial and industrial concrete flooring experience we have developed our proprietary resurfacing process which uses existing concrete to polish and coat into concrete surfaces with a finish that is suitable for commercial uses such as warehouses, factories, aircraft hangers and retail stores in Atlanta area , Georgia and Alabama. A high frequency of visitor use means that the ease of care our process provides makes it cost efficient. We offer a variety of designs and finishes, even your own logo to highlight your brand.

Concrete Floor Durability

Polished concrete is one of the most durable industrial flooring materials, being able to withstand heavy vehicles as well as high volume foot traffic. We can give commercial concrete floor coatings a non slip finish to improve the safety characteristics of the flooring.

Cost Effectiveness

If you already have polished concrete floor then our proprietary processes will prove to be a value purchase, both improving your image to customers and costing far less than other flooring options such as carpeting or wood, which may occasionally have to be replaced or serviced. Our concrete finishes rarely need servicing.

Ease of Maintenance

Our commercial concrete flooring interiors can be easily cleaned with a damp mop and ph neutral cleaning fluid, removing the need for specialist contractors like carpet cleaners to remove spills, stains and allergens. Exterior concrete surfaces can be pressure washed and/or scrubbed with a mild detergent to leave them like new. With simple to follow cleaning processes, our commercial concrete flooring can look new for years.

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