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Flawless Grind & Polish Flooring is considered the concrete flooring specialist for a reason. We provide solutions that don’t just fulfill an aesthetic purpose for homes, but also help businesses build a place that showcases their brand. Our customized logo design on concrete is one of those services. From engraving and etching to creating saw cut patterns on the floor, we cover it all. Customized designs on concrete can be created in various ways. Based on your needs and the existing condition of the concrete, we help you find out the right way to create decorative patterns or logo on the floor. We provide services in Atlanta metro area, all Georgia and neighboring states.

Mostly, the chosen method depends on whether concrete flooring is already there, or it is being freshly laid. The saw cut pattern method is pretty common in both cases. It is often used in tandem with concrete staining in order to closely resemble the design and logo our clients want. Saw cut pattern is created by cutting the pattern lines into the hardened concrete slab.

Benefits Carved in Stone

Custom logos on concrete are also created by merging various techniques such as swab cut patterns, stains, and stencils. Together, they create a dramatic effect and a result that is exactly what you expect. Some of the benefits of choosing custom logo designs on concrete are:

Enhanced Aesthetics – You can completely change and enhance the look of your old concrete floor. Customized designs help you go a step further than simple staining and coloring of concrete. It works perfectly for homes where you need to renovate according to a particular theme.

Better Branding – A logo on the floor of your commercial building says a lot about your businesses. It presents you as reputed and well established brands. So, whether it’s about attracting customers or impressing clients, the logo is going to work in your favor.

Added Durability – The concrete design process is followed by polishing of the floor. Not only does it give a professional sheen and gloss, it also adds to the durability of the floor and the design. The floor can endure a heavy traffic and various damaging factors.

Permanent Results – With a logo carved in concrete and sealed with concrete polish, you can expect the effect to last for years to come. Despite the beauty, it is a low maintenance option.

So, get the best value for your money and make the most out of your concrete flooring. As experts, we have the ability to create even the most complex of all the designs. Trust our creativity and technical expertise. Just give us a call, and let us assure you that we are the perfect team for your needs.

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