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Gabriel BirdGabriel Bird
22:19 27 Oct 23
Melvin and Pam are very professional. Melvin is a miracle worker when it comes to concrete if you’re looking for the perfect concrete Finsh. Look no further. This is the first time using them and we plan on using them for all our construction jobs.
gabriel Cymerman-Birdgabriel Cymerman-Bird
22:16 27 Oct 23
They were able to transform a ugly disaster of an uneven floor into a thing of beautiful hi in Finnish
Jonetta PattonJonetta Patton
13:41 12 May 23
This company came in to cleanup another company’s mess. They came in and repaired my floors in a timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend and use this company again.
Pamela WilsonPamela Wilson
18:26 11 May 23
Robert AdamsRobert Adams
06:23 11 Jan 23
Austin CharlesAustin Charles
14:50 07 May 21
The Flawless Grind and Polish team did an incredible on my concrete floors. After moving into a historic loft, I decided to remove the paint from the concrete floors and have them refinished.Melvin, Mark (a good Charleston local), and Pam ensured that the work was completed exactly to my specifications and in compliance with my HOA’s stringent guidelines. Beyond delivering a great product, the team was exceeding pleasant to work with.If you need concrete work done, there is no better outfit in Atl!
Ken ParsonsKen Parsons
18:14 25 Sep 20
Jewel AlleyneJewel Alleyne
17:16 21 Apr 20
Melvin and Mark did a great job on my patio. They pulled up the deck, leveled the dirt and sand, put down the grass and the concert pavers. I am so excited about my back yard. They also fixed my fence door. It was a barn door and they made it into a whole fenced door. I would definitely hire them for other projects.
Cory WeaverCory Weaver
04:04 17 May 19
TLDR: If you don't hire this company to do your floors, you're missing out on the full potential of your place. They're phenomenal, professional and genuinely care about your happiness and your experience. Hire them.Full Review: My experience with Flawless was absolutely spectacular. I recently purchased an industrial loft here in Atlanta that hadn't been treated particularly well over the last 20 years. The owners, rather than do anything with the floors, simply painted over them a multitude of times with various layers and colors of cheap acrylic wall paint. When I closed on the place, there were large patches of the paint on the floor that were peeling up (see pic) and leaving paint flakes all over one's feet, shoes...everything. My place used to be an old linen factory and I knew the concrete beneath the paint probably had some great character.I called Pam from Flawless and she was able to stop by, see my place and send me a quote the same day that I called. The quote by flawless was lower than the quotes I got from competitors and initial conversations with Pam showed me that she actually knew more about the process than the other folks that had stopped by to talk to me about how they would go about getting rid of the paint (side note: If your concrete floor has paint on it, pay Flawless to polish it off. Do NOT use one of the other companies that will pour toxic chemicals all over it to burn it off.).Because I wasn't moved into my place at the time and travel so much for work, finding a few consecutive days to do it was impossible for me, but Flawless accommodated my schedule perfectly, popping over for one day here and another day once I came back from that trip, fitting into MY schedule so that it could get done. The team was incredibly friendly and I genuinely enjoyed having them over and chatting with them in between passes with the machines.Pam, Melvin and the entire Flawless team went above and beyond to not only bring out the AWESOME character of my floors, but made sure to check in on my thoughts along the way and go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I was nothing but overjoyed with the outcome, which I absolutely am.I have grand dreams for turning this loft out and making it a showstopper, and a big component of that was the floors, which Flawless executed to a degree I couldn't have possibly even expected. I can't recommend them enough.
Shakera CherryShakera Cherry
17:03 16 Jan 19
I met Pam with Flawless Grind & Polish from another vendor who literally butchered my floors. I know you’re probably wondering why I would accept such a referral. However, I was eager to complete my home project and their reviews came back stellar. Pam came in and accessed the situation. Within a few days, a crew was in my home repairing the damage from the other Contractor. Melvin was the lead and made sure he did everything to get my floors to my level of satisfaction. I really appreciate all the hard work and professionalism I experienced with this Contractor and would use them again in the future.Please note that I took these pictures before I got the quarter rounds replaced.
ErinLola RoddenErinLola Rodden
18:06 25 Feb 18
I have a unique house, with lots of custom details, but when people walk in, they now say, "Wow! Your floors look awesome!" Thanks to Pam, Melvin, and the whole team's persistent work, the polyurethane floor stands out. The team had to come out multiple times, to grind and re-grind the very old cement, and apply, then re-apply various coats. They kept working until it looked right. Pam made sure I was happy with the outcome and Flawless could be proud of their work.Another plus was that their cost was reasonable, and they were able to get to my project much sooner than other contractors. I'd highly recommend their team.

Polished concrete is one of the most preferred choices for floor material due to various reasons. It is durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance to say the least.
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Epoxy floor coating gives concrete an extensive shine and high gloss surface. The result is a floor that looks attractive and is much easier to clean and maintain.
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Stains are great way to change the look of the floor without completely revamping the concrete. 
More about stained concrete floors >>

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One of the factors that give us a true edge in this industry is our extensive expertise. We work with a highly talented team that allows us to offer a diverse range of concrete related services under one roof. We have mastered the most high-end tools and technology in the construction industry.


Honesty and integrity are the values we stand by. We serve each client with great passion and complete commitment. Our ultimate goal is to offer you maximum value and satisfaction through our unparalleled quality of work.


Experience wins where everything else fails. And that is exactly what helps us deliver customized solutions even for the most complex of requirements. With thousands of closed concrete resurfacing projects under our belt, we are the team truly trusted by clients.


We have a customer-centric process that starts from understanding your requirements and doesn’t end until you are completely satisfied. Our fail-safe process helps us deliver quality without exceeding budget and timelines.


Despite being the leading force in this industry, we always strive to improve. We promise to keep raising our standards to meet the changing requirements of our clients.

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