Revamp Your Old Flooring with Epoxy Floor Coating

Bored of looking at the same old floor since ages? Give your concrete flooring a coat of epoxy to liven up the space. Epoxy is no longer restricted to industrial or business facilities. Today, epoxy floor coatings have made their way into residential properties as well and are adorning the space with their unique and classic charm.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a floor coating that can be applied to the floor surface. When two key components known as hardeners and resins are combined together, they chemically react and form into a stiff plastic material. For an epoxy floor coating, these two liquid components are mixed together and then applied on a concrete floor.  When they dry up, they harden and become rock solid, just like concrete.

Many people nowadays prefer to just coat their old floors with epoxy rather than change the entire flooring. Some of the reasons epoxy floors are a favorable option to revamp your floor are as below:


The durability and strength of epoxy floors is commendable. That is why epoxy floor coatings are highly preferable in industrial and commercial spaces. Strong and rock sold as concrete, epoxy floors can bear immense strain of heavy machinery and high traffic areas. They are highly resistant to harsh chemicals and do not degrade with age, making them a favorable choice in the most arduous industrial environments.


Another reason epoxy floors have gained popularity is their cost-effectiveness. Being less costly than other flooring alternatives, epoxy floors are a brilliant choice for those who wish to upgrade their current flooring. With epoxy floor coatings, you can now revamp your space at a low cost without compromising on the look.

These floors are low maintenance floors. They just need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Besides that, there is no additional cost of maintenance. These floors are resistant to stains and damage and will not be very costly to maintain. A floor buffer can be used to maintain the sheen and luster of the floor.


Epoxy floors can help you beautify your space on a limited budget. If you want to add character to your surroundings and want the space to reflect style and grace, epoxy flooring is probably the best choice. Commercial places like restaurants, art galleries, showrooms and retail outlets can use epoxy flooring to add a touch of sophistication and charm to their surroundings with epoxy flooring. The coating can be stenciled or etched to create a number of appealing designs. Companies can set themselves apart by emblazoning their office floor with an official logo.

Offering a wide variety of designing options, epoxy coatings can also be used in residential properties. The coatings can be pigmented to produce a variety of colors, adding to the visual appeal of the place. Other designing options include adding aggregates to the coating like chips of granite, quartz or marble, mother of pearl, recycled glass and more. Terrazzo can greatly enhance the look of the floor. Shells and stones can also be used as aggregates in epoxy floor coatings.

Epoxy floors are highly versatile, offering a variety of benefits at a low cost. Give your floor an epoxy coat to beautify your surroundings and make it visually impressive.

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